A prospective client must understand that no two cases are the same. The results described below that Claraval and Claraval was able to obtain for some of our clients will not be the same result that we achieve for you because you are unique and your case is unique. But we promise the same effort and skill that went in to obtaining these results will be given to you.

  1. Client suffered back injuries when her car was rear-ended at a stop light. The insurance company offered her $356. After 2 years of hard work Mary Ann settled the case for $450,000.
  2. Client injured by flying wheel which became detached from a truck. Insurance company offered $30,000. After 3 days of trial in Dauphin County Court Bob Claraval settled the case for the client for $245,000.
  3. 2 children abused by a Priest. Bob settled the case for the children and the family in one of the first claims of this type brought against the Church. The amount of the settlement is confidential.
  4. Client on a motorcycle injured when cut off by another driver. Insurance company offered client nothing. Case settled after 2 days of trial in Cumberland County for $150,000.
  5. Several underinsured claims that received little or no offer. Mary Ann settled for policy limits.
  6. Client purchased a franchise and suffered a total loss because of negligence by both his accountant and lawyer. Bob settled the case on the eve of trial and client received a seven figure settlement.
  7. Client was deceived into entering into a wrongful sexual relationship with her psychiatrist. Client received a confidential settlement well into 6 figures.
  8. Bob successfully represented many business owners affected by the Three Mile Island discharge in claims against the utility.
  9. 1.5 million dollar settlement for client with mild brain injury as the result of a head on collision with an impaired driver.