Peer Review Cases

For over 35 years our law firm has had the honor of representing chiropractors and their patients. We believe in the proven benefits of chiropractic care and have witnessed good results for many people.

Since the passage of Act 6 in 1991, we have filed scores of lawsuits against auto insurance carriers for using improper peer reviews and unjustly refusing to pay chiropractors fees in auto cases.

We have been on the cutting edge of many other decisions, including legal rulings which found that auto insurance carriers were liable to chiropractors for three times the amount of outstanding bills because of the carrier’s wanton conduct.

Our firm has represented chiropractors from all over Central Pennsylvania.

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Act 6 Verdicts and Settlements for Chiropractors

A prospective chiropractor client must understand that no two cases are the same. The results described below are results Claraval and Claraval obtained for some of their clients. Any result obtained for you will not be the same result because you are unique and your case is unique. However, we promise the same effort and skill that went into obtaining these results will be given to you. Recently we have achieved the following verdicts and settlements for our chiropractors.

  • $17,376 arbitration award against State Farm which included chiropractic bills of $2,803, treble damages and interest of $10,313, attorney fees and court costs of $4,260.
  • $17,000 arbitration award against Goodville Mutual which included chiropractic bills of $2,798, treble damages and interest of $8,903 and attorney fees of $5,299.
  • $12,093 verdict by Dauphin County Court Judge against Nationwide which included $1,570 of chiropractic bills, $1,838 of interest and costs and $8,685 of attorney fees.
  • $5,898 settlement with State Farm. Chiropractic bills of $3,600, interest $1,570, court costs of $168 and attorney fees of $500.

If you would like more information contact us.

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Personal Injury Cases

Over the years many chiropractors have referred their personal injury patients to us. We always give the patient personal attention. In addition, we work closely with the referring chiropractor to prepare the chiropractor’s testimony should litigation be required. And, with the patient’s consent, we protect the chiropractor’s fee from the settlement or verdict.

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